Would you like to keep your wealth and deposits during the vacation?
 Have you sold your property and don’t know where to keep money?
If you have received jewellery and don’t know where to keep them, 
then use secure storage system for such cases! We are looking forward to see you in our Bank. 

Secure Deposit Boxes at Yapı Kredi Bank Azerbaijan is a good opportunity to store your money, documents and valuable items. 
Our Bank will provide you with deposit boxes according to the reliable and all standards.  Yapı Kredi Bank offers deposit boxes in 2 sizes.   You can select and lease for any time the deposit box, which suits you well.
Each of you will own individual deposit box at any time and based on reasonable price. Size and price of deposit boxes:


Size of deposit box

Aylıq ödəniş haqqı

23*19*47 cm (small box)

15 azn

23*40*47 cm (big box)

25 azn


Yapı Kredi Bank gives full guarantee for your valuable items and undertakes all responsibility for its protection. Yapı Kredi Bank guarantees that only you will be aware of your valuable items put into the deposit box.   Advantages of the deposit box:
• Confidentiality and security of deposit box
• It is impossible to enter to the box without your key

Items within the secure deposit box are the personal secret of the Customer!
For more information, you can apply to our branches or call (+99412) 497 76 52 telephone number or contact with our Customer Service *0444 within 24 hours.