Human Resources

  • Why Yapı Kredi Bank Azerbaijan? 

    Two well-established organizations which support  the development of real sector by its services provided in Azerbaijan for many years and function with the principle of “we will develop as our country develops”, i.e  Koçbank-UniCredit and Yapı Kredi now intend to unify their power and investments for the same purpose and perform greater works.


    We are assured that this unification will have a great impact on the economy of Azerbaijan, and most importantly, establish more and new opportunities for the finance sector and employees.   We believe that human resources are the most important resource of us. Our aim is to meet all kind of customer needs by the hundreds of experienced and voluntarily staff in the field of financial services.  

    As a team, we believe reaching higher and newer tops by our structure with powerful shareholder, principle of meeting international standards and belief to our human resources. We are successfully stepping further on this way.

    We think that the sole way of providing more productive and creative services, being the first selection of employees is to make investment on human resources.
    We believe that we are more a family rather than one organization, and know that each opportunity provided, opinion offered on the basis of open relationship and transparent management concept will take us a step further.

    Because the key of our success and achievement is our shoulder to shoulder collaboration as a team, and our love and respect to the staff.


  • Internal audit specialist



    • Economical, engineering, accounting and auditing faculty higher education.
    • Perfect knowledge of English (for preparation of relevant reports in English);
    • Knowledge of Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Word office programs;
    • International certificate of accounts (CIA, CFSA, CFE…);
    • At least 1-2 years’ experience in auditing and bank activity.


    Basic job functions:


    • Giving recommendations aimed at analysis and decrease of risk on transactions realized by structural divisions of the bank;
    • Conducting of analysis and investigation of negative situations that can happen in the bank;
    • Preparing of reports on existing risks during the audit conducted in the branches.


    Interested persons can send their CVs to e-mail address

  • Loan analysis specialist (analyst)



    • Higher economical, accounting or business education;
    • Work experience in bank or auditing spheres;
    • High level knowledge on financial reports;
    • Mathematical and calculating skills;
    • Perfect knowledge of Azeri and English languages;
    • Ability to correctly communicate and work with people;
    • Ability to solve problems;
    • Ability to work with MS Office program;
    • Ability to work with documents.


    Basic job functions:


    • Analyzing financial reports of the company;
    • Drafting of financial forecasts;
    • Determining and analyzing credit risks;
    • Study, analysis of the market.



    Interested persons can send their CVs to e-mail address

  • Head of Branch


    • Bachelor degree on economic or business field;
    • At least 5 (five) years of bank experience, 1 or 2 management experience;
    • Business Development capacity;
    • Complying with the transparency and ethic standards ;
    • Ability of communication and problem solution ;
    • Ability of strategic and analytic thinking;
    • To be free and as well as ability of working with team;
    • Capacity for management of customer database;
    • Excellent knowledge of Azerbaijan, Turkish, English and Russian.

    Job related main functions:


    • To direct sales and transaction works of the Branch in a most impressive and productive way for realizing the targets of the Branch and strategic plans of the Bank;
    • To provide the works being conducted according to the plan by realizing the required planning and organizational activities at Branch, and follow and control compliance with general strategy and rules of the Bank;
    • To provide the branch employees working in normal business environment and according to their authorizations;
    • To support sales activities, have close cooperation with operation group and control the quality of services;
    • To control the implementation of sales budget of the Branch and define the grounds of factors impeding to reach targets;
    • To define the potential customers and try to involve them;
    • To follow continuously the profitability of the Customers, to realize the budget by analysing the condition and market shares of competitors, and make necessary measures for increasing the bank’s share at market;
    • To organize continuously visit of the Customers;
    • To define the targets of sales group and customer portfolio at Branch, plan, manage and control   sales actions in order to cover the targets of the Branch;
    • To act in accordance with the credit policy and rules of the Bank (repayment, collateralization, and tracking), award credit contracts with the Customers, to minimize the credit by the risks may be emerged during usage. \To provide the preparation of credit offers and necessary documents within this frame;
    • To be responsible for taking necessary measures or immediate actions in case of the bankruptcy of or problematic Customer who received credit.
    • To monitor the operation risk available in Branch, take necessary measures by reviewing internal control reports;
    • To provide the compliance of the employees with the internal rules, management strategies, laws and instructions of the Bank;
    • Being first level responsible person for taking necessary action for Branch security. To be responsible for the storage, protection and reliable transfer (when needed) of the whole data, documents, securities and keys of the Bank and Customers.


    Interested persons can submit their CV to  e-mail address