• Yapı Kredi Bank Azerbaijan, which has been among the first banks successfully implemented the Central Bank’s Instant Payment System (AniPay) project to expand digital payments, provides its customers with services that allow performing full settlements on mutual payment transactions within 5-10 seconds in the 24*7*365 mode.
    Individuals who are currently the Yapı Kredi Bank’s customers can easily send money to any recipients within the country through the AniPay system using the Internet and Mobile Banking services. Thus, having entered the IIN code or contact data (mobile phone number or e-mail address), the money senders will be able to view the funds transferred in the recipient's account at the instant of transfer. It should be noted that Yapı Kredi Bank Azerbaijan, which has been among the first four banks to provide this service within the country through both its branch network and Internet and Mobile Banking products, performs free money transfers for individuals through the AniPay system.
    Due to the growing importance of digital banking in current times, Yapı Kredi Bank has updated its Internet and Mobile Banking products and made these services more convenient for its customers. Currently, the customers of Yapı Kredi Bank Azerbaijan can easily perform all possible banking transactions via digital channels.
    Yapı Kredi Bank Azerbaijan is a member of a banking group operating in several countries of the world. This bank, the main shareholders of which is Koc Holding (Turkey), with branches located in Baku and Sumgait, 24/7 Call Center, and Internet/Mobile Banking products, provides its customers with a wide range of services.
    For information on the bank’s products and services, please reach the bank's branches, the Call Center *0444, or visit the website www.yapikredi.com.az, or the bank’s official pages on Facebook and Instagram.