Through the corporation with leading international financial institutions, Yapı Kredi Bank Azerbaijan offers to customers the Letter of Credits and Guarantees certified by the advanced international banks.  


 Letter of credits

 Yapı Kredi Bank Azerbaijan offers its corporate customers the following documentary transactions on foreign trade:

  • Documentary Letter of Credit
  • International Bank Guarantees
  • Discrepancy Letter of Credit
  • Documentary Encashment


 Bank Guarantees

 Yapı Kredi Bank Azerbaijan offers its customers the following guarantee types: 

 Import Guarantees:

  • Payment guarantee
  • Bid Guarantee
  • Performance Guarantee
  • Advance Payment Guarantee
  • Demand Guarantee
  • Guarantee on loans repayment


 Export Guarantees

  • Dispatch of Guarantees
  • Submission of Guarantees based on the Guarantees of other Banks


 Documentation Procedure

Customer applies to the Bank for the documentation of agreements on trade financing.  After the first meeting with Credit Specialist, Customer fills application form for submission of Letter of Credit or Guarantee.  Application includes details on the applicant, his activity and financial status, amount of the financial fund required and the reason of use.  Customer should provide the Agreement to the Bank. The Agreement signed with external Partner should contain settlement with Letter of Credit and acquisition of Bank Guarantee.  Upon the initial analyse, Credit Committee of the Bank should  review credit request and launch provision of financial fund  after making decision.