• Yapi Kredi Bank grants up to 5% discounts on consumer loan interest rates until August 31, 2021.


    Thus, for some groups of customers applying to the Bank for a loan for the first time, the annual interest rate on personal cash loans will be calculated starting from 15%. Customers applying for a loan of AZN 5,000 and more can participate in the campaign. For information, Yapi Kredi Bank does not require guarantors for up to AZN 20,000 loans.


    Also, during the campaign, customers applying for a consumer loan will be issued a Worldcard credit card free of the annual card fee as a gift from the Bank.


    Cash loans for various personal needs can be obtained at all the Yapi Kredi Bank branches. You should only come to the bank’s branches with an ID card.


    For more information on the campaign, please contact the Call Center by phone *0444 or the bank's branches.


    Yapı Kredi Bank Azerbaijan is a member of a banking group operating in many European countries. The bank, the main shareholder of which is Koç Holding (Turkey), with branches located in Azerbaijan in Baku and Sumgait, 24/7 Call Center *0444, and Internet/Mobile Banking products provides customers with a wide range of services.


    Note that information on products and services provided by Yapi Kredi Bank Azerbaijan can be obtained at the bank's branches, on the website www.yapikredi.com.az, in the Call Center *0444, as well as on the official Facebook and Instagram pages.






    From 6/7/2021 to 8/31/2021, up to 5% discounts depending on the loan amount will be granted to the customers applying for a consumer loan and a Worldcard for the first time or those who already have a valid Worldcard in our Bank. Also, customers who have acquired a new Worldcard and performed at least one transaction before the date specified in the notes will receive it free of the first annual card fee as a gift from us!



    • The loan ranges and discounts are as follows:

    When acquiring a new credit card on a loan (so far offered at a standard rate of 19.90%):


                           AZN 5,000-10,000 – up to 3% (i.e., at 16.90%)

                           AZN 10,001-15,000 – up to 4% (i.e., at 15.90%)

                           AZN 15,001 and more – up to 4.9% (i.e., at 15%)


    In the case of an available credit card on a loan (so far offered at a standard rate of 18%):


                                AZN 5,000-10,000 – up to 2% (i.e., at 16%)

                                10,001 AZN and more – up to 3% (i.e., at 15%)



    • The maximum discount on the interest rate under the campaign is 4.9% (i.e., with the maximum discount, a loan can be issued at 15% per annum).
    • Discounts do not apply to customers not having a valid Wordcard or not applying for a Wordcard on loan.
    • The campaign only covers the customers applying to Yapi Kredi for a loan for the first time (but not engaged in IT, telecommunications, or oil and gas activities).
    • The campaign does not cover Express, Repeated (except for Wordcard holders), Wage, Certain Profession Representative, Travel, Auto, Restructuration, Real Estate, State Mortgage (preferential and non-preferential), and Deposit Collateral Loans.
    • Less than AZN 5,000 loans do not participate in the campaign.
    • The annual card fee is not charged for only new cards issued during the campaign and only in the current year. In subsequent years, the annual fee will be charged on a standard basis, depending on the card type.
    • Since the card fee is reflected in the first statement after the first transaction, the first annual fee will be canceled thereafter.
    • Cancellation of the fee applies only to cards activated no later than 9/30/2021 with at least one payment transaction performed as of this date. The annual card fee will be charged to those who fail to do so, or more precisely, those who activate the card and perform a transaction after the date specified.
    • Loans and credit cards are assessed according to the Bank’s internal rules on the CB’s responsible lending principles. The Bank reserves the right to grant a loan or not.




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