Advantages of installing Yapı Kredi Bank Azerbaijan's POS Terminal in your Commercial Object 

More Customer

Those Customers who have Worldcard of Yapı Kredi Bank Azerbaijan will be able to pay  by instalments the amount of product to be purchased from your store, and will also get scores. They will be able to make second shopping in your store with the scores obtained. You will earn new customers by installing POS terminal of Yapı Kredi Bank Azerbaijan in your store.

Increase of your Sales

The colleagues of Yapı Kredi Bank Azerbaijan   will prepare campaigns specific to your Company and those campaigns will be broadcasted in relevant marketing-communication platforms. And it will create extra incentive to increase the sales of your store. 

Continuous and Qualified Service

After the installation of Yapı Kredi Bank Azerbaijan's POS terminal in your store, you can address any question to our nearest branch of Yapı Kredi Bank Azerbaijan, as well  contact with *0444 Yapı Kredi Call Centre which is active 7/24 in a day.


Virtual POS 

Yapı Kredi Bank Azerbaijan offers Virtual POS services for e-commerce companies. Virtual POS is a virtual device which contains in itself all functions of physical POS Terminal device.


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