•  Yapı Kredi Bank Azerbaijan CJSC has announced its financial results for 2022. The net profit of the Bank, which successfully completed the past year, amounted to AZN 1 million 153 thousand.


    Compared to last year, the Bank's interest income increased by 18% and reached AZN 26.2 mln; non-interest income increased by 31.3% and amounted to AZN 18.9 mln. In general, the Bank completed 2022 with a net interest income of AZN 24.1 mln.


    As for financial results, in 2022, an increase in the Bank’s assets by 22.1% compared to 2021 was recorded. Thus, the Bank’s total assets for the reporting period amounted to AZN 481.9 mln.


    The clients’ interest in the Bank’s consumer and business loans affected its financial indicators. Thus, compared to the end of last year, the Bank’s total loan portfolio increased by 35.5% up to AZN 236.9 mln, the volume of business loans increased by 44.3% and reached AZN 169.2 mln, and the portfolio of consumer loans, offered considering the client’s needs, increased by 12.8% and amounted to AZN 45.3 mln.


    A high level of service and a special approach to entrepreneurs and individuals strengthened their confidence in the Bank, and the Bank's deposit portfolio increased by 27.6% compared to last year and reached AZN 363.9 mln. For individuals and legal entities, this figure increased by, respectively, 17.9 and 30.7% and reached, respectively, AZN 80.8 and 283.1 mln.


    By the indicators of 2022, Yapı Kredi Bank Azerbaijan CJSC met the prudential standards set by the Central Bank of Azerbaijan at the required level. Thus, as of the end of the corresponding period, the Bank's Tier I and total capital adequacy ratios were 26.6 and 28.1%, respectively. The Bank's total capital after deductions amounted to AZN 75.1 mln. Note that according to the law in force, the minimum rate of total capital is AZN 50 million.


    The key objective of Yapı Kredi Bank Azerbaijan as the first bank to receive the ISO 14001:2015 Certificate, always distinguished by its sensitivity to social issues according to the strategy of corporate social responsibility, became to further improve environmental performance, contribute to combating climate changes, and minimize the environmental impact. The Bank has also undertaken an important and demanding corporate commitment to contribute to the global economy and the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals based on the universal principles of the UN Global Compact.


    Yapı Kredi Bank Azerbaijan CJSC, the main shareholder of which is the Turkish Yapı Kredi A.Ş., with branches located in Baku and Sumgayit, 24/7 Call Center (*0444), and Internet/Mobile Banking products provides customers with a wide range of services.

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