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  • Human Rights Declaration of the Yapı kredi Bank Azerbaijan OJSC



    Yapı Kredi Bank Azerbaijan (YKAZ) prefers to implement all operations according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.   According to this Declaration, all individual persons and organizations of the society should make great efforts by taking national and international measures that aim global and serious recognition and observance of human rights both by the people of member states and people under its sovereignty through the education and study oriented to the respect to human rights and freedoms. 


     YKAZ makes afford to minimize the dissemination, environmental and social risks throughout its activities. 
     Within this framework  YKAZ aims to run away being the reason of negative impact on human rights for its activities and intervene to such kind of impacts whenever emerges. 


     YKAZ aims to manage the risks on human rights and determine reliable and comprehensive approach which will prevent emergence of violations in this issue.  YKAZ has developed Human Rights Declaration within this framework.
     YKAZ Human Rights Declaration covers principles and systems applied by the YKAZ in its activities on human rights. 
    YKAZ aims to apply and evaluate these principles and systems especially in relevant shareholder categories.


     Beside the local legislation and policy of the key shareholder, “Yapi ve Kredi Bankı” Inc., Human Right Declaration of YKAZ is based on the following relevant international declarations, as well:  
    Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the UN dated January 10, 1948;
     Fundamental Conventions of the International Labour Organization – ILO (Convention No 87, 98, 100, 105, 111, 138 and 182).     In addition to the afore-mentioned declaration and conventions, YKAZ Human Rights Declaration also has also referenced to the YKAZ rules such as  
    • YKAZ Rules of Ethics and Business Principles;
    • YKAZ Information and Notification Channels Declaration. 
    Detailed information on the application of subject topics specified in this Declaration has been indicated at the Annex of YKAZ Human Right Declaration.  



     2.1 EMPLOYEES

    While recruiting and managing its employees, YKAZ respects to their personal dignity and rights.  YKAZ adopts the view of “Equality of opportunity/establishment of equal opportunities in  recruitment”. It aims to establish work environment which values the skill and experience of each person, respects its diversity and recognize opinions and views of its each employee.
    YKAZ respects the following principles and rights:  
    Cultural values (religious, political, cultural freedom and freedom of sexual choice) are always respected at YKAZ.  It is targeted to remove all forms of discrimination in these fields, and prioritize skills and capacities of the individuals.
     Regardless of the differences such as race, religion, nation, sex, sex selection, family status, age, traineeship, family, geographical origin, position, disability, YKAZ provides equal opportunity in recruitment, takes necessary measures in order to prevent discrimination among its employees and builds mechanism of appeal against the violation of these rights.  Detailed information on mechanism of appeal has been specified at YKAZ Information and Notification Channels Declaration. 
    The cases such as knowingly or systematically undervalue or humiliation, ostracism, damage to the personality and dignity, mistreatment of employees and saturating policy by the persons who has high, equal or lower position, is prevented.  
     These principles are supported with extra affords embodied in provision of full harmony and dignification of individuals entered to YKAZ in result of recruitment, unification and via the acceptance-delivery processes.    To respect to the individuals and their rights without distinction should be characteristic feature of employees’ behaviour in business relationship.  YKAZ employees value the differences and undertake to continue the inter-relation based on the mutual respect, courtesy, integrity and equality principles.
     In addition, within the Human Resources Implementation Principles mentioned in Working Rules, YKAZ implements human resource policy which considers the knowledge, skill and capacities of employees while selecting, recruiting and developing human resource and staff for organizational structure.  
    YKAZ believes that it will contribute to the formation of corporate culture through the management of differences via equal opportunities and steps taken against discrimination.   It is targeted to improve business environment, provide better quality at work and develop strong family sense by supporting discrepancy.
    Without difference to the experience, all employees of Yapı Kredi undertake to continue their relations with company staff and other people in a way that it will not lead to discrimination or bullying.    In case of the occurrence of any problem, which results with decrease of productivity at work because of the blaming behaviour or manner, or if the employee thinks that he is exposed to such behaviour by its colleague, manager or customer, YKBAZ should appeal to the Ethic Communication channels. 

    Freedom of expression and respect 

    In YKAZ, respect means to listen, pay attention to its employees and estimate regularly the values, sensitiveness and believes of its employees.
    YKAZ aims to form a culture, in which the staff will be free to express their opposite minds by overcoming hierarchical and bureaucratic positioning and will not be obliged to change their opinions.  The employees, who have different opinions, should be free to express their mind and position, as well.  YKAZ employees should listen to their customers and colleagues without any discriminate and respect to others opinion, also should explain its opinion in a relevant and constructive way.  

    Freedom of Collective Agreement 

    YKAZ respects the freedom of collective agreement and professional association in accordance with the legislation, and avoids operations which will run a risk for the rights and freedoms of its shareholders in this field.    

    Prevention of the forced labour and child labour  

    YKAZ avoid itself from the use of forced labour and child labour during the commercial actions.  Besides that, YKAZ also continues its activities according to the ILO conventions (Convention No 29 on the Forced Labour; Convention No 182 on the Prohibition and the Elimination of the Worst Forms of Child Labour, as a matter of urgency) signed by the Republic of Azerbaijan. In order to support the prevention of the use of forced child labour within this frame, minimum age limit has been defined as 18 under the Work Rules.
    In case of the violation of rules at YKAZ on the use of forced labour and child labour, measures to be taken have been defined.  Written warning or direction to the disciple staff in next steps should be applied, necessary methods should be used to determine the final consequences, and related report should be prepared.  
    The works done out of the daily working hours in accordance with the YKAZ legislation and laws regulating employment activity within the country, are considered as extra works.  Payments on the additional works are made systematically, and if needed, such periods may be used as vacation.  
    Without difference to the race, sex, nation, age, religion, political position and disability,
    YKAZ respects to the personal life and all citizenship rights on labour discipline, rules, programs, holidays, vacations, insurance charges, management issues and other mentioned principles. 

     Health and Security
    YKAZ takes the necessary measures according to the legislation, in order provide the health and safety of its employees and provides training to them.  It establishes safe work climate for its employees through the health and security program implemented.  It has defined preventive and protective actions for the evaluation, elimination or minimization of the risks available within the job health and security activities.  In addition to that, urgent measures plan has been developed.

    Balance between work and personal life

     Beside the respect to personal life, YKAZ also respects to all citizenship rights of its employees on work discipline, rules, programs, holidays, vacations, and insurance charges, managerial etc. issues, without any distinction on race, sex, nation, age, religion, political position and disability.

     Protection of Personal Information
    YKAZ respects the rules on the protection of personal information of its employees and non-distribution with the third persons.  The information which should be known only by the employees and includes to their personal rights is prohibited to be shared inside and outside persons.  In line to that, the fine has been considered in law, for distribution of these data.
    The approach YKAZ on the respect to personal life is compliant with the local laws and normative which regulates this issue.   Necessary managerial, technical, physical and security measures are taken in order to provide legal necessities, to implement the requirements arising out of the work contracts and protect against the loss of personal data, burglary or acquisition, use or change without authorization. 

    Evaluation System 

    YKAZ has built a valuation system within the Company which isn’t depend on the factors such as  religion, language, race and sex. The system is applied.

    2.2. CUSTOMERS

    YKAZ carries out an activity which is directed to improve continued solutions for material needs of its customers.  Credit Policy has been developed based on the best program samples proposed and published by the authorities of regulatory bank sector. 
    The actions which is prohibited or limited by the national legislation or the international contracts supported by the Republic of Azerbaijan, actions or projects of the persons or organizations containing child abuse or behaviours contrary to the human rights can’t be financed. 

    Project Financing  
    YKAZ works with its customers in a regular and structured form in order to define evaluate and manage environmental and socials risks and impacts of the projects financed.
    YKAZ is aware of the climate change, biological diversity and human rights importance.  It believes that negative impacts of projects financed on the ecosystem, society and climate should be prevented as much as possible. In cases, where the prevention of such impacts is impossible, it is important to minimize and make it to zero level. 


    Confidentiality of Customer Information
    YKAZ pay strict attention that customer information should be kept confidential and not distributed to the third persons.  All employees have undertaken that information obtained by them during the execution of duty shall be protected as confidential data and shall be used only during the performance of duty.
    All employees undertake that they are fully subject to limitation or regulations on the distribution of bank secret, customer secret or personal information regulated under the Laws on Banks or other related legislative norms, personal information to the third parties.

     2.3 SUPPLIERS

     Product and service Contracts by the Yapı Kredi Bank Azerbaijan to the third parties is carried out according to the local legislation and applicable policy.  Yapı Kredi Bank Azerbaijan is based on the principle of compliance to the local legislation in Contracts signed with Suppliers. In case of determination of any case contradictory to the laws providing the protection of its employees, it remains the right of termination of Contract.



    The principles on implementation of YKAZ Human Rights and its annexes are made widely known in communication channels (intranet, announcement) within the Company, and delivered to the employees. 
    Beside the delivery of Human Rights Declaration, for adoption and effective implementation of these principles, Human Rights Study Program has been developed for the existing employees.
    Topics covering Fundamental ILO contracts are preferred among the titles specified in Human Rights Study.  In addition to that, orientation program presented to the newly hired employees should contain one part on the human rights. It is required that all employees should finish Distant Training on Human Rights.  An annual monitoring should be made on the number of employees trained and reports should be provided.  To support these trainings, periodic reminder announcements should be made on the topics mentioned in YKAZ Human Rights Declaration.


    It is expected that when the employees carry out their works, all of them should follow judgment and behaviours according to the subjects specified in YKAZ Human Rights Declaration.  
    Within this framework, all employees carry individual responsibility to notify violation or any doubt in all issues specified in this Declaration.  
    The employees carry responsibility to notify such cases to their manager or directly to the communication channels specified in YKAZ Rules of Ethics and Business Principles. 
    Notifications on the issues mentioned in YKAZ Human Rights Declaration are reviewed on the basis of confidentiality principle. Notifications can be delivered anonymously and can not be used against the person providing the information.
    All information entered is processed through the evaluation needed, and necessary measures are taken.
    The persons providing notification may be subject of any change in its post, or similarly, may not imposed to any negative or bad situation.
    If the principles mentioned in this Declaration are violated, discipline fines shall be applied which may result with cancellation of work transaction. 


     For the proper management of risks on human rights, YKAZ is aware of the necessity and importance of monitoring system.  Compliance and Internal Audit Department has improved the existing monitoring structures related to the steps specified in this document, and monitors the impact of the Human Rights Declaration. 


    YKAZ Human Rights Declaration is reviewed by the Chief Director (CEO) of YKAZ on a yearly basis, and programs are monitored by the Internal Audit department each 2 years, based on the Instructions for Human Rights Control.  In line to the internal audit and monitoring performed for determination of problems faced in the field of human rights, if there is any gaps or risks emerging out of  the result of the  open shareholder dialogue and shareholder feedbacks.
     CEO of the YKAZ shall be responsible for improvement of said process and review of Human Rights Declaration.

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